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Enrolment Terms and conditions


By Enrolling at 22 Studios Tuition; you agree to abide by our terms & conditions set out below. These Terms & Conditions are sent out firstly at the point of enrolment, then quarterly thereafter. They are also available on our website at and displayed in the Reception / Waiting Area.


1.  The Music School offers two ways of paying for lessons 1) advance monthly payment via Direct Debit or 2) advance payment for a Quarter of the Year by cash, cheque, card or BACs payment. 


With no exceptions

2. All lessons given by the Music School are chargeable.

·All fees paid for lessons are non-refundable and non-transferable.

3. For Standing Order payers should payment fail to enter the Music School account on time immediate payment by cash, cheque or BACs should be received in order to avoid disruption to lessons.

4. For Quarterly Payers payment should be received at the Music School Head Office (address below) one week prior to the commencement of the Quarter of lessons.

5. The Music School reserves the right to refuse admittance to the lesson if payment has not been received.

6. A cheque payment must be cleared of payment via to lessons commencing.

7. The Music School will send reminder letters if payment is not received however this will incur an additional administration fee per letter.

8. The Music School reserves the right to use the services of a debt collection agency if necessary – this will incur additional administrative charges to the student.

9. Lesson fees are reviewed annually.

10. Any lesson that the Music School is unable to give due to Bank Holidays, teacher unavailability etc, will be refunded at the end of the Quarter. Payment, or an extra lesson will be offered where possible.

11. Students may cancel up to four lessons per year or one lesson per quarter without being charged. Pupils should inform the Music School of their cancellation dates with at least seven days’ written notice by email or cancellation form on reception. Verbal notification is not accepted. If a pupil is absent without informing the Music School Office by this time, the lesson will be charged.

12. Should 22 Studios need to cancel a lesson, we will endeavour to make the lesson up on an alternative date, if this is not possible, the lesson cost will be taken off the following, term or month. If Lessons are terminated, refunds will be worked out accordingly in line with the termination rule.

13. In the event of a pupil wishing to terminate their lessons, the Music School requires one month’s written notice for pupils who pay by Direct Debit or one month’s written notice without exceptions; prior to the start of the next Quarter for pupils who pay Quarterly.

14. During a notice period the Music School does not offer any refunds for student cancellations.

15. Should the Music School not receive written notice, as set out above the following quarter’s lessons are chargeable to the student.

16. When a pupil has been enrolled in the School they remain so until formally withdrawn in writing. Failure to attend classes does not constitute formal withdrawal. Lessons will continue to be charged at the normal rate until written notice has been received & notice period has ended.

17. The Music School reserves the right to refuse admittance to disruptive pupils and will inform parents of any difficulties immediately. A code of conduct is available from the Music School, which sets out our behavioural policy.

18. If the regular teacher is unavailable to take the lesson, an alternative 22 Studios teacher will be asked to take the class wherever possible, in order to avoid the pupil having to miss a timetabled lesson.

19. In the unlikely event of only one student attending a group lesson the teacher will still run the lesson as planned.

20. Teachers will make themselves available to discuss the progress of students by appointment through reception and any problems that a student may be experiencing at a mutually convenient time. If a problem cannot be rectified satisfactorily with the Teacher an appointment can be arrange with the Music School Principal.

21. Students causing any wilful damage to Music School property beyond normal wear and tear will be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of the damaged item(s)

22. There is a strict No Food or Drink policy in place in our studios for the safety of students.

23. Mobile phones are not to be used within any of our studios unless authorised by the teacher taking the lesson.

24. We offer our lessons to students to give the maximum opportunity through their experience with us. We will not allow anyone to attend their lessons with them. Parents / carers must wait in the waiting room throughout the duration of the lesson.

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