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Music Education

Guitar Lessons in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire

Welcome to 22 Music School & Tuition, where our talented guitar tutors are here to teach both beginners and more seasoned musicians.  Our skilled and supportive guitar tutors are super experienced in different musical styles and make your guitar lessons fun and enjoyable. We teach guitar in all styles - electric, acoustic, and classical - and you can follow graded routes or just jam out to your own musical interests. We teach everyone from 5 to 105, so whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, we can adapt lessons to your ability level. Plus, if you feel more comfortable being taught by a member of your own gender, we’ll give you a male or female guitar teacher, no questions asked. 


What will I learn during guitar lessons?

In our guitar lessons, your tutor will cover everything from the history of the guitar and the big names that made it famous, to reading and understanding guitar music, and techniques for both your picking/strumming hand and fretting hand. Your guitar teacher will also show you how to:

- Keep time
- Do regular warm up exercises
- Rhythms and grooves
- Scales and modes
- Chord construction and theory
- Feel and dynamics
- Tuning your guitar and maintenance
- Learning songs and interpreting guitar
- Playing along to music and backing tracks
- Exploring time signatures
- Composing guitar to music
- Accompanying other musicians, soloing, and exploring different musical styles. 

And if you're interested, your guitar tutor can even go over the Rock School grade syllabus or Trinity grade syllabus upon request. 


More Musical Opportunities with Guitar Teaching

Our music studios are the place to be, to practice your new guitar skills. At our Bedfordshire guitar lesson facility, we have great quality equipment so you can practice performing by yourself, or even with a band, and experiment with sound. You can choose to learn the guitar in lessons on-site at our Leighton Buzzard music school or online. We'll even hook you up with guitar hire, restringing, and guitar set up services. Join our weekly band sessions to jam on your guitar with other musicians and develop your skills even more. 


Get in Touch

Any questions about our guitar lessons or tuition, feel free to reach out to one of our teachers on 07590201501 or email us via filling out our online contact form

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